Language Hub and Daycare Project at Da Kų

CAFN has long recognized the need for a new daycare in a new location.  CAFN also recognizes the long-term Citizen desire to develop a ‘language hub’.  Combining both needs, CAFN has recently received funding for a new facility to be connected to Da Kų.  Preliminary planning and design were part of the original funding application.

Elders originally envisioned having children connect with their culture and it is an important part of the original vision for Da Kų.

What is the Language Hub? 
A 3,100 square foot daycare open to all children in the community, with learning rooted in our Southern Tutchone language and culture.

Why a Language Hub? 
We are dedicated to ensuring dän k’e (our language and culture, “our way”) are vibrant and alive.

When is construction taking place?
Site prep is complete and construction of the building begins mid-June.  Final completion is scheduled for late October 2017.

All visitor services are open.

Type of input requested:
CAFN is seeking the following input from citizens and key stakeholders:
What design and programming considerations should CAFN consider for a language hub and daycare at Da Kų?

For more information, please contact:
Rob Fendrick
Chief Financial Officer
(867) 456-6879

Da Kų Vision
Our Cultural Centre is a gathering place that recognizes and celebrates the cultural contributions and way of life of Champagne and Aishihik First Nations peoples – the places we come from, the traditions and languages we carry, and the arts we practice and perform. It is an environment creating lasting memories, where young people will learn the wisdom of our Elders, know our stories and legends, and assume responsibility to carry our values.

This project is funded in part by the Yukon government’s Community Development Fund.

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