Back by popular demand…
The 2022 Chief’s Gingerbread House Contest!

How to Submit:

Email photos to with the name, age and community of the entrant.

Entries are due at midnight December 14th.
Judging will take place December 15th.
Winners announced December 16th!

Contest Rules

Your entire Ginger Bread House must be edible, but you can use whatever you like to embellish your house!

Who can enter?

CAFN Children, Youth and Adults

Prizes for each community and age group!

Children/Youth Categories:
  • Canyon/Haines Junction, Champagne/Takhini & Whitehorse/Out of Territory
  • Kids ages 0-9 & Youth ages 10-15

1st Place $150 * 2nd Place $75 * 3rd Place $50
The Best Overall gingerbread house out of all Youth categories wins an additional $200!

CAFN Adults 16+ Category:

*No premade gingerbread house kits in this category.
1st Place $500 * 2nd Place $200 * 3rd Place $125


This year’s entries will be judged by a blind panel of Secret Santas. Gingerbread houses will be judged ANONYMOUSLY on various criteria.

Ages 0 – 9 Category

Ages 10 – 15 Category

Adult Category

0 – 9 Youth Winner from Champagne/Takhini

Maizie Campbell

0 – 9 Youth Winner from Haines Junction/Canyon

Jaylia Heathcliff-Jackson

0 – 9 Youth Winner from Whitehorse

Emily Boss

10 – 15 Youth Winner from Champagne/Takhini

Brielle Epp

10 – 15 Youth Winner Haines Junction/Canyon

Lily Menicoche

10 – 15 Youth Winner from Whitehorse

Tanner Oles

Adult Winner

Joanna Allen

Youth Winner Over All

Emily Boss

0-9 Youth 2nd Place Champahne/Takhini

Ayden Smith

0-9 Youth 2nd Place Haines Junction/Canyon

Mary Menicoche

0-9 Youth 2nd Place Whitehorse

Ellie Workman

10-15 Youth 2nd Place Champagne/Takhini

Jayla Epp

10-15 Youth 2nd Place Haines Junction/Canyon

Abby Johnson

10-15 Youth 2nd Place Whitehorse

James Boss

0-9 Youth 3rd Place Champagne/Takhini

Hunter Workman

10-15 Youth 3rd Place Champagne/Takhini

Kael Epp

10-15 Youth 3rd Place Haines Junction/Canyon

Naveah Joe-Carlick

10-15 Youth 3rd Place Whitehorse

Ta-Koda Bailey

Thank you to all of the amazing participants!

Some of last year’s entries!