CAFN Land Use Planning Survey

CAFN Land Use Planning Survey

The survey period has closed.  Please watch for more information.

The CAFN Heritage, Lands and Resources Department has been working with staff and citizens over the past year to develop a Land Use Plan for our Traditional Territory. We have hosted focus groups, workshops and interviewed citizens to begin building our land vision for the generations of tomorrow.

We are using this survey to build and expand on some of the themes and challenges we’ve heard during our citizen engagement to date. 

 If you are unfamiliar with CAFN’s Settlement Land Use Planning project please visit https://cafn.ca/government/departments/land-resources/ for more information or contact Analie Lafreniere-Lemieux at 867-634-4200 ext. 254 or alafreniere-lemieux@cafn.ca.  

Printed copies of the surveys are also available at the front desk in the CAFN Haines Junction and Whitehorse offices.  Please return copies to the front desk.