Aishihik Relicensing 2019

Please see current details on the Aishihik relicensing process here: 
Aishihik Relicensing July 2017 newsletter


Project Purpose

  • Yukon Energy’s water use license for its Aishihik hydro facility expires at the end of 2019.
  • The license, along with a Fisheries Act Authorization, sets out the rules for how the
    facility can operate.
  • Our goal is to develop a proposal that reflects an appropriate balance of meeting energy
    needs while preserving the long-term health and well-being of the land, the water
    and people.

Project Need

  • The Aishihik hydro facility is very important to Yukon Energy’s operations. Twenty-five
    percent of the hydro produced by Yukon Energy comes from the Aishihik plant.
  • Yukon Energy can’t continue to provide hydroelectricity from the Aishihik facility without
    a new water use license.
  • There is a need to acknowledge the impacts to CAFN people and address reconciliation,
    in part, through collaborative decision-making on the future operation of the Aishihik
    generating station.


  • CAFN and Yukon Energy entered into a co-management protocol agreement for
    the relicensing of the Aishihik Generating Station.
  • CAFN and Yukon Energy wish to promote and enhance a respectful relationship
    based on shared decision-making and balancing of interests.
  • The agreement sets out a protocol to follow for the involvement of a technical
    advisory group and a CAFN community-based advisory group.


  • Environmental, heritage, and cultural research and studies are being carried out to
    determine current and historic conditions.
  • These studies are being done by a team of consultants directed by both CAFN and
    Yukon Energy.
  • Yukon Energy and CAFN have agreed that CAFN traditional knowledge will play a
    significant role in informing and making decisions about the project. CAFN is leading
    the traditional knowledge research.


  • Yukoners’ interests and values are taken into account when determining the potential
    impacts of any project.
  • In the case of the Aishihik re-licensing project, these are identified by Yukon Energy,
    CAFN, other governments, non-government organizations, and the Yukon public.
  • Local, scientific, and traditional knowledge help to identify and understand interests
    and values.

What values do you hold that you want us to consider for this project?

Values include; but are not limited to:


  • We expect the studies for this project to be finished late this year.
  • CAFN and Yukon Energy will hold public events this coming fall or winter to share what
    we’ve learned and to get your feedback.
  • Yukon Energy and CAFN will consider all your input during the preparation of the project
    proposal for the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board (YESAB).
  • Yukon Energy expects to submit the proposal to YESAB in 2018.
  • You’ll have a chance to take part in the YESAB and Yukon Water Board processes in
    2018 and 2019.


The relicensing process involves many key stages and takes several years to complete.
You have a chance for input every step of the way.