Bulletin 25: CAFN COVID-19 Planning and Response

Bulletin 25: CAFN COVID-19 Planning and Response

July 9, 2021

Message from the Chief

Dear Citizens,

I am reaching out on behalf of our Council to ask you to keep doing your part to end the current outbreak of COVID-19 in the Yukon.  We have the tools to be safe, responsible, and prevent further spread of this disease.  You have been dän shawthän (good people) and leaders in the Yukon in practicing COVID safety.  Thank you and please keep up the good work to keep our kids, and others who can’t be vaccinated yet, safe.

Please stick to your household bubble and “Stick to 6” for gatherings.  A household bubble is only the immediate family you live with.  This means you are being asked not to hold parties at this time.  Avoid any social gathering of more than 6 people, even if you are vaccinated.  If you can, it’s best to wait to hold your gathering till the outbreak is over and it is safer.

We know this is difficult, but it is important to keep yourself and your family safe.  Our Council has also made the difficult decision to postpone our General Assembly until fall 2021 in order to keep our people safe. 

Please report unsafe behavior.  Across the Yukon we see that COVID-19 is being spread at parties and informal social gatherings, especially where alcohol or drugs are involved, and when people are visiting from across different communities.  If you observe an unsafe gathering or party, please report it to Yukon enforcement officials (CEMA officers). The phone number and email to report are on page 2.  By reporting safety violations, you are taking care of yourself and protecting our children.

Please look out for one another and be calm, kind and respectful.  It is difficult to be in an outbreak now, after so much hard work to stay safe and get our vaccines.  We understand your frustration with this delay in getting back to “normal”.  But we are still on the right track.  Our health care system and CAFN staff continue to work hard to support you at this very busy time.  Please have patience with each other, CAFN staff, and everyone who is helping with the COVID-19 response while we work through this.  CAFN thanks our doctors, nurses, mental health professionals, and Yukon Communicable Disease Control (YCDC) for their continued hard work, as well as the visiting medical professionals who have come to help. 

We are stronger together, and together we will beat this outbreak.


Kaaxnox, Dän nätthe äda

Chief Steve Smith

COVID-19 Outbreak
As of July 8, 2021: 456 cases total 385 cases since June 1, 2021 in Whitehorse & rural communities123 active cases in Whitehorse & rural communities335 recovered5 deaths28,580 people fully vaccinated – ages 12 and up with first and second doses For the latest updates, please visit: https://yukon.ca/en/health-and-wellness/covid-19-information/latest-updates-covid-19/current-covid-19-situation
Stick to 6 & Keep Gatherings Small!  
CAFN asks all Citizens to limit your social bubbles to people in your household at this time.  We must do this now to break the cycle of community spread, and to protect our kids and other vulnerable people who aren’t able to get the vaccine.  DO: Stick to your household bubble (immediate family only);If you gather socially, keep it to 6 people or less;Wear masks and maintain physical distancing in any public setting. DON’T: Gather with people outside your bubble;Hold parties, barbecues, large dinners;Invite guests from other communities. For the current advice from Dr. Hanley for the Yukon visit: https://yukon.ca/en/health-and-wellness/covid-19-information/latest-updates-covid-19/advice-chief-medical-officer-health
CAFN Checkpoints in Takhini and Dakwäkäda
CAFN is reactivating our Dän Tsʼän Shānindhän checkpoint staff in Dakwäkäda/Haines Junction this weekend and continues to have checkpoint staff at Takhini Subdivision.  We hold our hands up to staff and Citizens helping with this important support. It is dän k’e (our way) to look after each other. Dän Tsʼän Shānindhän means caring persons, or someone who cares for others. Thank you for helping keep our dän (people) safe.
COVID-19 Enforcement
If you are concerned about unsafe parties, gatherings, or people not isolating in your community, please report your concerns.  Reports can be made anonymously.  It is everyone’s responsibility to help keep our communities safe.   Report Civil Emergency Measures Act (CEMA) infractions:
Online at https://yukon.ca/en/cema-report
By phone to 867-393-6210, or
Email covid19enforcement@gov.yk.ca
NEW: CAFN Vaccine Policy As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, CAFN is doing everything we can to keep our Citizens and employees safe, in balance with the need to treat our employees fairly.  On July 5, 2021, CAFN’s new vaccine policy went into effect.  It applies to Chief and Council, employees and anyone who works for CAFN, including contractors. Through this policy: We strongly encourage all employees and everyone who works with CAFN to get the COVID-19 vaccine if they can; andWe ask all employees who are not fully vaccinated to voluntarily disclose their vaccination status so CAFN can assess and find ways to mitigate any risks to vulnerable Citizens and other employees. We must continue to respect each other and recognize that every person’s needs and circumstances are unique.  Respect and caring are dän k’e (our way) – everybody helps and looks out for each other.  It is part of who we are as Shadhäla Äshèyi yè Kwädän (CAFN people) and who we are trying to be:  dän shawthän – good people.  
COVID-19 Vaccines
Getting the vaccine is the best way to protect yourself from serious illness and death due to COVID-19. The Government of Yukon is offering clinics for all Yukoners age 12 and up: In Whitehorse at the Convention Centre at the Coast High Country Inn Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.Wednesday from 12 to 6 p.m. Drop-ins are welcome. Or book online at yukon.ca/Thisisourshot and by phone at 1-877-374-0425. Rural youth and adults may also get their vaccines in Whitehorse In Haines Junction for ages 18+ at the Health Centre: Please call the health centre at 634-4444 to book. For more information on COVID-19 vaccines, visit Yukon.ca/thisisourshot or call the health centre.
Need help to get the vaccine? For help to book or for a ride to your vaccine appointment, please phone our Community Wellness team at (867) 634-4200 or (867) 456-6888 ext 211,
OR talk to your regular CAFN Community Wellness support person. Our CAFN team cannot provide medical advice, but we can help you find answers to your questions and make sure you have access to information about the Moderna vaccine provided by the Government of Yukon.
Have Symptoms? Get Tested! Anyone experiencing symptoms: In Whitehorse should call the COVID-19 Testing and Assessment Centre at 867-393-3083 or book on-line to arrange for testing at https://book-covid-19-test.service.yukon.ca/en/In Haines Junction please phone the health centre at 867-634-4444.  
Safe 6 + 1 (wear your mask)
Please stay safe by: keeping 2 metres of physical distance, frequent hand washing, staying home if sick, do not gather in groups,limit travel to communities, self isolate for 14 days when required, and wear a mask in public.
Current Safety Measures at CAFN
Kwätsi Dän (We Work): STEP 2

As of June 25, 2021 the following COVID-19 safety measures are in effect at CAFN:
Offices remain closed to the public.
Most non-essential staff continue to work from home.
Essential workers and up to 25% of other staff may work in-person with physical distancing measures in place.
Enhanced cleaning measures continue in all CAFN spaces.
Travel restrictions based on current local advisories, local public health information, and recommendations of the Chief Medical Officer of Health for Yukon.
No business travel outside of the territory.
Bus service is allowed provided that physical distancing measures are in place.
Da Kų, the day care, the youth centre, and community halls remain closed.
Gatherings are not permitted.


What is the latest COVID-19 info at CAFN?  Please visit CAFN.ca/COVID-19

What is the status of COVID-19 in the Yukon?  Please visit Yukon.ca

What is the status of COVID-19 in Canada?  Please visit Canada.ca

Council of Yukon First Nations COVID-19 information hub: CYFN.ca/covid-19