CAFN’s Safe 6 illustrated by Cole Pauls

CAFN’s Safe 6 illustrated by Cole Pauls

CAFN and Yukoners have stayed safe throughout the pandemic by using the Safe 6 as key tools in our daily lives.  With help from CAFN artist Cole Pauls, CAFN has updated the Safe 6 for our community.  Please practice the Safe 6, wear a mask in public, and get vaccinated!

CAFN’s Safe 6:

  1. Stay home when sick, get tested and self-isolate when required.
  2. Wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer.
  3. Respect others by keeping a safe distance – one moose apart.
  4. Gather safely: avoid the 3 Cs (crowded places, closed spaces and close contact).
  5. Travel respectfully by following local guidance and respecting the rules of each business.
  6. Keep your space clean and open windows to improve air flow.
  • +1 Wear a mask
  • Get vaccinated: Nda sägǟl yè dän ghātsʼungwät äyèt kwäka Dádän shäwghāduchʼe ni.  Iʼm getting the medicine needle because I care about our people