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Call for Expression of Interest – Supporting Warrior Walkers into Kamloops

Call for Expression of Interest – Supporting Warrior Walkers into Kamloops

Supporting Warrior Walkers into Kamloops for survivors and their descendants

On June 26, 2021 Warrior Walkers began a healing journey walking from Whitehorse to Kamloops. Champagne and Aishihik First Nations Council is providing an opportunity for survivors and their descendants to join the Warrior Walkers in Kamloops, B.C and attend the Ceremony of Healing on August 9, 2021.

This Council initiative to send CAFN citizens is to address the intergenerational trauma after the first 215 children had been discovered at a residential school site in the Kamloops area. This journey represents all indigenous people across Canada and has become a movement and an opportunity to raise awareness for our future generations.

Driving from Whitehorse to Kamloops between August 5-12th
• Drive your own personal RV (guidelines will be issued);
• Drive with the CAFN caravan and stay at designated hotels;
• Drive your vehicle that accompanies the caravan and stay at designated hotels
Flight Whitehorse to Kelowna Aug 8th and return12th (tentative dates)
• Chartered bus travel from Kelowna to Kamloops and back for flights
CAFN will provide: designated accommodations, a per diem for daily food allowance, and mileage.

• All participants must be fully vaccinated + 14 days;
• Be able to travel on their own (no severe health conditions);
• Flexible with travel dates;
• Aware of environmental factors (heavy smoke or extreme heat);
• Respect CAFNs COVID-19 Safe Travel Plan;
• A liability waiver will be required.

The deadline to express your interest is Monday August 2nd, 2021 by 7:00 pm.

To confirm your interest please contact Kierra Wood, EA to Chief Smith at Ea-chief@cafn.ca or 867-332-7140 or private message the CAFN Facebook page.

This is a Council Initiative and in light of the current COVID-19 situation, all outlined eligibility criteria must be met for inclusion on this journey.