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  • Takhini River
  • Dä̀kwä̀kä̀daHaines Junction
  • ShadęlChampagne
  • Tthe yänlinCanyon
  • Lu ghäKlukshu

Mapping My Way – Academic & Career Planning Support

Every Thursday beginning February 2, 2023, this program will run for 8 weeks from 6:30-8 PM on ZOOM. Education has agreed to pay each CAFN participant $25 per class. *Payment based on attendance and will be received at the end of the course.

Shär Ghra Programs – Cub Camp

Start Date: TBAShär Ghra Programs will be following strict Covid-19 guidelines throughout camp to keep everyone safe. Pre-registration IS REQUIRED. Contact Sarina @ Primozic87.sp@gmail.com for a registration/info package.Join us at Shär Ghra programs this summer for...

Cedar Canoe Carving and Training Opportunity 2021

Master Carver Wayne Price has been asked by Champagne and Aishihik First Nations to come and teach people the ancient art and skill of carving a Cedar Dugout Canoe from a 40-foot cedar log. Wayne has been carving for over 50 years and has created more than 30...