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Chief Elijah Smith - Tamé

CAFN has nominated Chief Elijah Smith as a candidate for Canada’s new $5 bank note.

Please see our nomination here and share your stories and links on why this important Yukon leader ought to be on the next $5 bill!

Canadian veteran Tamé – Elijah Smith (1912-1991) – is the single most influential Yukon First Nation leader and was at the forefront of reconciliation in Canada. Elijah led a Yukon delegation to Ottawa in 1973 to deliver the document “Together Today for Our Children Tomorrow” to Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. This marked the beginning of Yukon First Nations land claims and a turning point for Aboriginal rights across Canada. His vision and ability to unify resulted in the 1993 agreement that remains a model for Indigenous self-government for all of Canada.

2023 marks 50 years since that historic trip.

For more details on the nomination and selection process, visit: