Education – Dän Ketsʼedän Yu
(They Are Learning)

The Education Department provides support and advice to CAFN citizens through K-12, post- secondary, employment and training, and daycare programs and services.

Kats’udän (Learning)

Champagne and Aishihik Dän are a hunting and fishing people, with close ties to the land. In our traditional way, being “smart” means knowing the animals and your country. Our people have always been innovative, making do with the materials on hand.

Shawkwunlee Daycare
(Preschool Program)

Located in Haines Junction, the Shawkwunlee Daycare is available year-round and open to all community children between the ages of 18 months and five years. The daycare is licensed and provides language, cultural, and educational programming on a regular

K-12 Programs & Services

CAFN acknowledges the value of both a traditional education and classroom studies. The following programs support young CAFN Citizens on their path of learning.

St. Elias School Community Committee

Community Committees empower the community to guide its own school. Community Committee agreements support this work, with the flexibility to change, adapt, and grow in time. They outline which powers of the Education Act will be delegated to the Community Committee and the committee will then direct and collaborate with the school board’s work in these areas.

Special Circumstances Funding

Special Circumstances Funding is available to assist Canadian resident parents/guardians with monthly living expenses for their Canadian resident dependent children who must live away from their home communities to attend school. The student must be attending a recognized primary or secondary (K-12) institution. Families are eligible to receive $35 per month for living allowance and up to $250 per month for accommodations, subject to attendance records being provided to the ESW.

School Supplies Supplementary Funding

Supplementary funding is available to assist with the purchase of school supplies for CAFN students in Grades K-12 in Canada. An application form must be filled out prior to the start of each school year.

Submit your application to your region’s Education Support Worker or drop it off at the Haines Junction or Whitehorse office.

Secondary Academic Achievement

CAFN provides an Academic Achievement Award for all CAFN students in grades 8-13 who live in Canada and achieve a minimum of 75% overall average. The award ranges from $100 to $350.

Tutoring Assistance

CAFN provides tutoring assistance for CAFN students in grades K-12 in the Yukon Territory or who are permanent residents of the Yukon. Tutoring is appropriate to the student’s grade level, curriculum, school and community. Please complete the Tutoring Assistance Application form to apply.

Yukon Native Graduation Funding

CAFN provides assistance for CAFN students who are graduating from secondary school to assist with a portion of the costs for clothing to participate in the First Nations Graduation ceremony in Whitehorse.  This funding becomes available in April. Please contact the Education Support Worker in your community to apply.

Post Secondary Education, Employment & Training

CAFN assists Citizens to help them achieve their short and longer-term educational goals. Students are supported to engage in a wide variety of educational programs at post-secondary institutions for short courses, college programs, trades training and university.

Indigenous Skill and Employment Training Strategy

The Indigenous Skills Employment and Training Strategy (ASETS) helps CAFN Citizens ages 15 to 64 in the CAFN Traditional Territory gain experience and opportunities for meaningful employment in the labour market. Areas that this training strategy supports include:

  • trades training,
  • youth,
  • training for short-term employment,
  • training for long-term employment,
  • summer employment, and
  • child care.

Courses that are 12 weeks or less and have a strong link to employment, such as first aid and food safe.

CAFN Comprehensive Student Support Policy

CAFN assists Citizens to help them achieve their short and longer-term educational goals. Students are supported to engage in a wide variety of educational programs at post-secondary institutions for short courses, college programs, trades training, university, etc.

All students who are accepted into an approved program may apply for the following supports:

  • Education planning/application fees
  • Tuition
  • Books & supplies allowance
  • Tutoring
  • Travel expenses
  • Emergency funding
  • Scholarship

The following additional types of supports are available to students who are enrolled in an approved full-time program for a period greater than four weeks:

  • Living allowance or top-up funding
  • Academic Achievement Awards

 NOTE: Funding priorities and limitations do exist therefore funding is not guaranteed. Limitations include types of programs and number of students who can be funded in a given year.

Adult Language Immersion Programs

Dän K’è̀ Kwänje Ghäkenīdän Program

We Are Learning Our Native Language Program

The Dän Kʼe Kwänjē Ghäkenīdän Program is a two-year, accredited through Simon Fraser University (SFU). Students will earn a Certificate in Language Proficiency during the duration of the program. We offer CAFN Citizens an opportunity to reconnect to their language and culture.

The Students will follow a typical school calendar from September 11 -June. Classes will run from 8:30-4:00 pm Monday-Friday.

Information Sessions
Held over Zoom TB

Accepting applications through August 28, 2023. Initial intake for CAFN Citizens.

For questions, links to the zoom sessions, and more information on the application process, please contact Kaasháa, or 867-332-3003 or Barb Allen at

Dáshäw kʼe shäwthän kʼàtsʼedūnji ni dän yè dánän, shäwthän ghànūzhi däw.
Äłäyè dánän kay kʼanīdǟl kʼè, chu ghä̀nīdą kʼè, äłeghą tsʼedätthʼi chʼe, nàtsʼusä̀t shį

It is our responsibility to continue Dän K’e, our traditional ways, to heal and empower
our people and community. We strengthen our wellness by connecting with our land, water and each other.

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