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Commanding Officer’s YFN Advisory Committee

Commanding Officer’s YFN Advisory Committee


CAFN is seeking one CITIZEN from Haines Junction to sit as community representative for nomination to the Yukon First Nations Advisory Committee.

The mandate of this Committee is to advise the Commanding Office of matters related to Yukon First Nation communities.  This may include and is not restricted to:

  • Sharing of information to enhance the delivery of police services to Yukon First Nations communities;
  • Identify present and future problems and issues of concern, such as but not limited to recruitment, career training, promotions, etc.;
  • Continuously improving communications between Yukon First Nations communities and RCMP personnel;
  • Consulting with and providing guidance to the local detachments on issues of local concern;
  • Working together with the local detachment on workshops, school talks, cross-cultural education, and liaison initiative within the Yukon First Nations Communities;
  • Reviewing the terms of reference and making changes from time to time as agreed upon by the committee members and the Commanding Officer.

Meetings for this committee are held twice a year, in Spring and Fall with per diems for meals and mileage provided by The RCMP.   Committee members are appointed by the Commanding Officer.  Term is for four years.

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Tuesday, June 14th , 2022 by 4:30 p.m.

CAFN boards and committees applications are available at:


Applications are also available in CAFN offices in Whitehorse and Haines Junction