COVID-19 Safety in our Communities

COVID-19 Safety in our Communities

June 18, 2021

Safety in Our Communities

CAFN is reactivating our Dän Tsʼän Shānindhän checkpoint staff in Takhini this weekend.  Heritage, Lands and Resources staff and guardians will also be patrolling communities and recreational areas in the CAFN Traditional Territory.  Our CAFN teams will share information about COVID-19 to help keep everyone safe.  

We hold our hands up to our staff and Citizens who are helping with this important support to our communities.  It is dän k’e (our way) to look after each other. Dän Tsʼän Shānindhän means caring persons, or someone who cares for others. Thank you for helping keep our dän (people) safe.  

Please have patience and understanding with each other and our CAFN team.  Abuse of CAFN staff will not be tolerated.

Yukon COVID-19 Enforcement

If you are concerned about unsafe events or people not isolating in your community, you can report a Civil Emergency Measures Act (CEMA) infraction to Yukon enforcement staff:

Please stay safe this long weekend and until the COVID outbreak subsides. 

Please do your part: practice the Safe 6 + 1, be kind, and respect and help each other.