COVID-19 Vaccine video message from the Chief

COVID-19 Vaccine video message from the Chief

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Sagāl yè nashänugwät äyet kwäka dádän maghą shakwädįnch’e.

I’m going to get the medicine poke because I care for my people.

The Moderna vaccine is an immunization to protect us from COVID-19 that will soon be available to all adults in the Yukon. It was approved by Health Canada in December 2020. To learn more and book online, please visit https://yukon.ca/thisisourshot

The more people who choose to get the vaccine, the better we can protect ourselves and our loved ones, especially the Elders and most vulnerable, and the sooner COVID-19 pandemic measures will end.

To protect our communities and most vulnerable, we need 75 percent of Yukon adults to be immunized (this is called “herd immunity”).

Scientific information from the governments of Canada and Yukon shows the COVID-19 vaccine is safe and effective.  Council believes in the approval process for the vaccinations undertaken by Health Canada.

The Chief and members of Council are choosing to get the vaccine when it is our turn.