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Da Kų Nän Ts’èddhyèt 2019


NEW: Please click here for the festival program!

Tsür Khȩla
Tsur khȩl (the woodpecker) is the symbol of our 2019 festival. The most common woodpecker species returning to dákeyi (our country) are the Hairy Woodpecker and the Northern Flicker (pictured). The familiar “tap, tap, tap” sound they make helps to wake up the land each spring. Artwork by Frances Oles.

For more information, please phone Da Ku Cultural Centre at (867) 634-3300 or email
You can also follow our Da Kų Nän Ts’étthèt – Dance Festival page on Facebook and #DKNT2019.

WHO’S PERFORMING? Click here to learn more about some of the artists!

Festival highlights:

Thursday, June 13:

Afternoon & Evening

  • Traditional Welcome;
  • Lighting of Fire;
  • Opening of new exhibit – Dádǟn Khyēn Yè Älį K’è;
  • Sharing of Kwädąy Yēn (Old Songs) and Sharing of Culture.

Friday, June 14:


  • Performances: Nyla Carpentier, Taku Kwan, Pavva Iñupiaq, Selkirk Spirit Dancers.
  • Workshops /Activities: Southern Tutchone Dance Apron; Pow Wow
  • Boot Camp for Kids; Tutchone Art Painting; Cedar Headbands; Youth Rap Workshop; Tlingit Language Activity; Medicine Plants; Hide Headband & Armband.


  • Performances: Throat Singers Lois Suluk & Patricia Kablutsiak, Dakwakada Dancers, Dakhká Khwáan, Jilkaat Kwan, Tall Paul, New Dawn Drum Group.

 Saturday, June 15:


  • Workshops/Activities – Feather Dance Wand, Song Revival, Soap Berry Spoon Carving, Pow Wow Book Camp for Kids, Hide Headband & Armband.


  • Performances: Throat Singers Lois Suluk & Patricia Kablutsiak, Dághàalhaan K’e, Taku Kwaan Dancers, Nyla Carpentier.
  • Grande Parade & Welcome;
  • Kenny Baker Honouring & Dance Competition.


  • Performances by Laura Grizzly Paws; Jilkaat Kwan Dancers, Dakhká Khwáan Dancers, Tall Paul & Rap Workshop Feature, New Dawn Drum Group.

 Sunday, June 16: 

  • Workshops/Activities: Glass Blowing; Throat Singing with Lois & Patricia; Storytelling; Beading.
  • Performances: Laura Grizzly Paws, Dághàalhaan K’e, Tagish Nation Dancers, Dakhká Khwáan Dancers, New Dawn Drum Group, Dakwakada Dancers.
  • Closing Ceremonies

 MANY THANKS TO OUR CORE FUNDERS. Please watch for more details to come on our other generous sponsors.


  1. Nancy Keen

    Yak’ei st’ootaat! Good morning from Juneau!. Look for Yee Ku Oo from Haa Aani/Aak’w Kwaan to attend this year’s Celebration. We are a multi cultural dance group with songs & dance from Tlingit, Tsimpshian, Haida, Aleut groups and more!
    My mother and I will be traveling up together and, are both CAFN members. Mary Lekanof & Nancy Keen~Raven/Coho. Yeil/L’uknaxh.adi~Gunaaxoo Kwaan. Gunal’cheesh!

    • Sharon Shorty

      We are so looking forward to host your group here in Haines Junction! See you June 1st!

  2. Selena

    Is there a schedule of events posted for the weekend?

    • Amy McKinnon

      The schedule is being finalized now and should be available by May 30. Thanks!

  3. Florian

    Great Event, we will come from Whitehorse to join.
    I am really looking forward to all the activities and performances that you set up.


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