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Dákwänje Immersion Program


We are proud to launch our new adult Dákwänjē adult language immersion program:

Dän Kʼe Kwänjē Ghäkenīdän

We are Learning our Language

This is an intensive two year Dákwänjē (Southern Tutchone) adult immersion program based in hands-on, experiential learning.

  • We are now accepting applications from CAFN Citizens.
  • 10 CAFN Citizens have been accepted into the program and will be fully funded by CAFN.
  • Classes begin on the land in September 2018 and will continue at Da Kų Cultural Centre.


Please click here for the application formNote: this is a fillable pdf form. To save and complete please:

For more details, please see the April 2018 program launch news release here.

Have questions? Please contact:

Florence Kushniruk, Program Coordinator


Khâsha, Dákwänjē Dän Kenàdän (Our Language Teacher)