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We Are Learning Our Native Language Program

The two-year Adult Language Immersion Program is accepting applications for it’s second cohort! The Dän Kʼe Kwänjē Ghäkenīdän Program is accredited through Simon Fraser University (SFU). Students will earn a Certificate in Language Proficiency the first year and their Diploma in Language Proficiency in the second year. We offer CAFN citizens an opportunity to reconnect to their language and culture. The Students will follow a typical school calendar from September 7th, 2021 to early-June. Classes will run from 8:30-4:00 pm Monday-Friday.

“Our culture is rooted in our languages and our languages are embedded with traditional knowledge and spirituality, as taught by our Elders. Our words themselves contain values, spirituality and principles of respect within them. Knowing the words and the languages instills the ways we live on the land, with the animals, and how we treat each other.” Dän nätthe äda Kaaxnox (Chief Steve Smith)

Information Sessions Held over Zoom:

Friday February 19 10 am – 11 am
Friday February 26 7 pm – 8:30 pm
Friday March 5 12:10 pm – 1:10 pm

Accepting applications through April 2, 2021.

A copy of the enrollment package is available here: Enrollment Package

For questions, links to the zoom sessions, and more information on the application process, please contact: Erin, at or 867-334-3427.