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Dádu shä`w ule du – Our Economy

Champagne and Aishihik First Nations Council released the Community Economic Development Plan in June 2012. The plan brings together insights contributed by more than 140 CAFN Citizens and guides CAFN further along the path of self-reliance. Valuable input was received on proposed policy objectives, how the community wants to benefit from economic development, and where Citizens see potential for development – the foundations of a community-owned plan.

Guiding Principles
  • Economic development must be done in a way that benefits future generations.
  • Economic development must link CAFN Citizens with CAFN culture and traditions.
  • CAFN Citizens want durable economic development.
  • CAFN should focus economic development support on both individual entrepreneurs and collective corporations.
  • Economic development needs to strengthen CAFN’s social fabric.
  • CAFN Citizens recognize that economic development will involve trade-offs.

– Community Economic Development Plan (December 2012)

Business Assistance Program

CAFN’s Business Assistance Program provides guidance to those wishing to develop a business idea as well as ongoing support once the business is operating. The program supports access to business training courses offered through Yukon College in Haines Junction and Whitehorse.

The CAFN Entrepreneur Fund financially supports Citizens to pursue business activities by contributing to their equity in the venture.

Final Agreement Obligations

Governments are reviewing Chapter 22 of the Final Agreements to answer: Are Yukon Indian People achieving the intended economic benefits flowing from the Final Agreements?

CAFN Economic Development asks: if not, why not, and what can be done about it?