Äshäw (Elders) Senate

Historically, Elders have been the keepers of traditional knowledge including the Aduli laws and teachings or lessons passed down from one generation to the next through oral storytelling. In addition, Elders play a key role in ensuring the Southern Tutchone language is shared with the Champagne and Aishihik children of today.

The Elders Senate Executive (also called Elders Executive) is made up of a smaller group that helps carry out the work of the Senate.

The Äshäw (Elders) Senate is made up of all CAFN Citizens age 60 and over. The Senate meets a minimum of twice a year to provide their wisdom to help guide the CAFN government.

Current Elders Senate Executive members are:

    • Dayle MacDonald – Chair
    • Lena Smith-Tutin
    • Lorraine Stick
    • Sharon Shadow
    • Vera Owlchild

Elders Senate contact person:

Kathleen Jones

Elders & Governance Officer

867-634-4200 ext 235

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Äshäw Senate


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