NÄTTHÈ Youth Council
(Moving Forward)

Vision Statement

“We, the Nätthè Youth Council of CAFN, are the voice dedicated to empowering our youth. We shall promote a healthy, unified and self-reliant people, while conserving our environment and culture.”

Youth Council Executive

The Youth Council Executive (or Youth Executive) is a smaller group that meets more frequently to carry out the business of the Youth Council.

The current Youth Executive members are:

  • Erin Jim
  • Anya Jim
  • Sheyenn Kinney
  • Azriel Alen
  • Jennika Jones
  • Lauren McKinnon

Youth Council Rules for Procedure (DOC)

For more information on Youth programs and activities, check out the Community Wellness page.

The Nätthè (Moving Forward) Youth Council is made up of all CAFN Youth ages 16-23. The role of the Youth Council is to provide advice, assistance and recommendations to the CAFN government. The Youth Council meets on a regular basis and also holds a Youth General Assembly most years.

Champagne & Aishihik First Nation Historical Photo

Dän nätthe dätthʼi

Chief and Council

Champagne & Aishihik First Nation Historical Photo

Boards & Committees

Champagne & Aishihik First Nation Historical Photo


Äshäw Senate


Nätthè Youth Council

Moving Forward