CAFN Recruitment Conflict Confidentiality

CAFN Recruitment Conflict Confidentiality

A conflict of interest exists when you have or had a business or private interest or relationship with a person and, because of that interest or relationship you are viewed as unable to deal with this person in the same way you would deal with another candidate whom you do not know.

For example, you should seriously consider declaring a conflict of interest and not participate in the screening or interviewing of a candidate to whom you are related. To use another example, a potential conflict of interest could exist wherein one of the candidates is a person with whom you lived for a substantial period of time, even though you do not live together now and have not for some time. You may not have a problem treating this person any differently from the other candidates but, the perception may be that the candidate whom you know had an unfair advantage, thereby putting the competition in jeopardy of being appealed and possibly overturned.

A conflict of interest does not include the legitimate exercise of an individual’s supervisory power or authority. For example, providing negative feedback on a performance evaluation or managing performance which is not on standard is not a conflict of interest.


I, THE UNDERSIGNED, promise that I will faithfully and honestly fulfill the duties which devolve upon me in connection with this Recruitment Committee and that I will not reveal to any person or persons the deliberations of the recruitment committee or the nature of any related documents or reports. I also declare that I am not associated with any of the candidates through a business or personal relationship in a manner that would influence or appear to influence the fairness of this competition process.

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