Code of Conduct Form

Code of Conduct Form

In accordance with CAFN Human Resources Manual:
2.2 Conduct and Respect in the Workplace; 2.3 Confidentiality Policy
2.4 Conflict of Interest Policy; 2.8 Attendance at CAFN General Assemblies; 9.2 Email and Internet Use Policy

Central to CAFN’s approach to management is its Code of Conduct. This statement provides guidance to CAFN, its Employees regarding the manner in which we will conduct ourselves, both collectively as an organization, and in our individual work lives. The elements of the Code are:

a) All actions undertaken by CAFN are a reflection of the highest integrity;

b) CAFN decisions are available for public review and scrutiny; Financial accountability to the Citizens of CAFN is of the highest priority;

c) Care is taken to ensure that private activities of the CAFN Employees do not interfere, or are likely to be perceived as interfering, with CAFN activities. No financial rewards, other than those provided by regular remuneration and the Human Resources policy, shall be are accepted or solicited. Similarly, no gifts or any offerings that could be perceived as influencing activities or decisions of the CAFN shall be are accepted;

d) Diligence is exhibited in conducting our responsibilities. This includes explicitly adhering to the sober, alcohol- free and drug-free conduct of CAFN work-related activities;

e) Respect is shown for each other and for those with whom we deal. This includes adherence to conduct free of discrimination and any type of harassment, within and outside the workplace;

f) Every effort is taken to be fair and helpful to those with whom we deal;

g) A priority is given to maintaining a positive and pleasant work environment that is characterized by support for one another, flexibility in meeting work pressures, a participative management style and opportunities for professional growth;

h) When speaking in public, as an Employee of CAFN, an Employee does not at any time ‘step out’ of his/her official role with the CAFN in order to express an opinion, personal or otherwise, concerning an issue that is currently being dealt with by the Council or which is contrary to existing CAFN decisions and policies;

i) The CAFN Government respects the rights of its citizens to participate in all regular and special assemblies, as such all CAFN citizens who are employees are free to participate in any agenda item that does not directly have an impact on or is impacted by their day to day employment. The CAFN Government expects that citizens will participate in discussion without contravening the Confidentiality or Conflict of Interest policies.

j) Any and all information or knowledge which is known or available to Employees through the course of their employment at CAFN and which is not known or available to Citizens or the public, such as that which is discussed by Chief and Council during “in camera” meetings, committee meetings held “in camera”, matters dealing with individual Employees, and matters dealing with finance is considered confidential. Certain departments, such as those dealing with client information, may have further restrictions and requirements.


The CAFN will review any complaints related to the conduct of its Employees as per the CAFN Human Resources Manual Section 11.0 Employee Conduct and Disciplinary Action.

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