Employee Agreement on use of Email and Internet

Employee Agreement on use of Email and Internet

Employee Agreement on Use of Email and the Internet In accordance with CAFN Human Resource Manual:
9.2 Email and Internet Use Policy



acknowledge that I have read and understand the Email and Internet Use Policy of the CAFN Human Resources Manual. I understand that it is my responsibility to become familiar with the Policy and to seek clarification on any information I do not understand.

I hereby agree to the following:
1. I am responsible to use these resources in a professional, ethical and lawful manner;
2. I will not knowingly use CAFN electronic media to transmit, receive or store communication that is contrary to CAFN policy, Citizens or CAFN business interests;
3. I understand that CAFN reserves the right to block access to certain applications and websites during work hours, as well as routinely gathering logs for most electronic activities or monitoring employee communications.
4. I will respect the confidentiality of other individuals’ electronic communications unless authorized by management.
5. I will not use media or services that may cause network congestion;
6. I will not use or modify copyright material unless permitted by the copyright owner;
7. I understand that the computer, electronic media and services provided by CAFN are for business use to assist in the performance of my position and I am responsible to not abuse this privilege.
8. As per the Code of Conduct, Employees must remember that they are representatives of CAFN at all times. They must not post negative, false or inflammatory statements about CAFN on social media.

By signing this document, I agree that I understand and will abide by Email and Internet Use Policy, and as it may be amended from time to time, during my employment, and where applicable, after my employment ends.

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An Employee who abuses the privileges of their access to computer or telecommunications equipment, email or the Internet in violation of this policy will be subject to corrective action, including possible termination of employment, legal action, and criminal liability.

For Human Resource Use Only
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