Government Administration Act Amendment

November 24, 2020

Council approved the third and final reading of amendments to CAFN’s Government Administration Act (GAA) on November 12, 2020. Council work to amend the GAA has been ongoing over the last twenty (20) months. The GAA was originally enacted in 2007 and amended in 2012. The Act is in place to make sure that the First Nations Council administers its duties under the Constitution in a way that reflects the values of good governance and transparency. Citizens were invited to provide input on the amendments this September and October.

The GAA provides for: the establishment of government departments under the leadership of directors/senior directors, hiring of staff, procurement of expert services, and the formation of boards, committees or councils.

The Act also addresses matters such as the delegation of powers and duties, and remuneration to members of the First Nations Council (including the Chief). The specifics about Council Remuneration are outlined in a regulation which will be passed under the Act. Other regulations are also passed under the Act including the Election Regulations, the Conflict of Interest Regulations and others (which are in development).

To view the full GAA: Government Administration Act

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