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Dän nätthe dätthʼi (Chief and Council)

The CAFN Dän nätthe dätthʼi or Council is elected every four years and made up of:

  • the Dän nätthe äda (Chief)
  • four Dän nätthe dätthʼi (Councillors);
  • one Äshäw Dän nätthe äda (Elder Councillor); and
  • one Shäna Dän nätthe äda (Youth Councillor).

The Council appoints one of its members to serve as Deputy Chief to carry out Chief responsibilities when the Chief is not available.

The Council is the law-making branch of CAFN. Other responsibilities of the Council are identified in the CAFN Constitution.

The CAFN Council serving from 2018-22 is:
Dän nätthe äda Kaaxnox (Chief Steve Smith)
Äshäw Dän nätthe äda (Elder Councillor) Mundy Joe
Shäna Dän nätthe äda (Youth Councillor) Jessica Mazur
Dän nätthe dätthʼi (Councillor) Rose Kushniruk
Dän nätthe dätthʼi (Councillor) Michael Beattie
Dän nätthe dätthʼi (Councillor) Barb Joe
Dän nätthe dätthʼi (Councillor) Marie McLaren

Department contacts:

Please find contact information for the CAFN Executive Council Office in our directory at

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