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The CAFN government has nine departments.  Each is headed by a director who reports to the CAFN Council.  Department directors and the Chief form CAFN’s Management Committee.

CAFN’s departments deliver programs and services to Citizens and carry out the administrative functions of the government.

Executive Council Office Dän nätthe dätthʼi (They are sitting before the people)

Community Wellness
Dän tsʼän nännji
(People Helping People)

Land & Resources
Nän kay ghàkwīnji kʼe
(Our Way of Life on this Land)

Dän nätthe dätthʼi
(They are sitting before the people)

Dän ketsʼedän yū
(They are Learning)

Language, Culture & Heritage
Dän K’e
(The Way of the People)

Dänā K’àts’änäta Yü
(Where They Look After Money)

Human Resources
Dän ndäsädeye kʼàtsʼąta
(People are working, they look after them)

Property Services
Kų K’ā Kwänäta Yü
(Where They Look After Houses)

Job Opportunities

Get In Touch

If you’d like to reach a CAFN representative, please use one of the options below.

P: (867) 634-4200