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Get In Touch – Land & Resources

If you’d like to reach a department representative, please use one of the options below.

Phone (867) 634-4200

Heritage, Lands and Resources

Nan Kay ghawinji k’e (Our Way Of Life On This Land)

The Department of Heritage, Lands and Resources is responsible for carrying out heritage, land, water, forestry, parks, fish and wildlife planning, programs and management, and also participates in environmental assessments.

Lands Programs and Services

Camp Policy
Emergency Measures

CAFN provides Emergency Measures information and training to Citizens/CAFN communities.


CAFN can issue permits for CAFN Citizens to carry out commercial harvesting on CAFN settlement land.

Land Applications For CAFN Land

CAFN can assist CAFN Citizens with land applications and YESAA applications within CAFN Settlement Lands or recreational and residential subdivisions.

A CAFN Citizen who is a Yukon resident and meets the eligibility requirements may qualify for residential, cabin, and traditional use allocations. A Citizen who meets the eligibility requirements, but is not a Yukon resident may apply for a cabin and a traditional use allocation only.

Land application form

Land Use Within CAFN Traditional Territory

CAFN assists CAFN Citizens with land use issues and concerns, land use permits, and YESAA applications occurring on Crown-owned land within the CAFN Traditional Territory.

Land Planning

CAFN is responsible for developing Community Land Use Plans and Settlement Land Plans for CAFN Settlement Land.  We are currently finalizing the Community Land Use Plans (CLUP) for Dakwäkäda (Haines Junction), Takhini, and Shadhäla (Champagne). CAFN has been also working on developing a Land Use Plan for our Traditional Territory and Settlement Land.

Community Land Use Plans (CLUP)

Settlement Land Planning

Renewable Resources Programs And Services

Harvesting Permits

CAFN issues gaffing permits to Citizens and may also issue access licence and consent forms for non-citizens (citizens of other First Nations and the general public in Yukon).  All applicants for permits, access licenses and consent forms must apply in person at CAFN offices in Haines Junction or Whitehorse.

Department Contact:

  • Mike Jim, Parks, Trapping and Harvest Manager
    (867) 456-6885
Trap Assistance Policy

This policy provides assistance to acquire traps for all CAFN Citizens who are Registered Trapping Concession (RTC) holders within our Traditional Territory or assistant trappers on CAFN Category One traplines.

CAFN Citizens who hold a Registered Trapping Concession and CAFN assistant trappers on Category One traplines are provided with a one-time opportunity to purchase traps at a rate subsidized by 50%.

Department contact:

  • Mike Jim, Parks, Trapping and Harvest Manager
    (867) 456-6885

CAFN maintains records of all CAFN traplines and also hosts trappers workshops and other trapping meetings.

CAFN Group Registered Trapping Concession Allocation Policy

Department Contact:

  • Mike Jim, Parks, Trapping and Harvest Manager
    (867) 456-6885

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