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Are You Ready to Learn? Traditional Arts

Our ancestors were known for being very “smart” – for respecting the animals and taking good care of the land, and using the available resources in a responsible manner. Such ways of taking care and maintaining balance and showing respect are reflected in the beauty of our traditional arts and crafts and in our songs and stories.

Language, Culture and Heritage staff work with knowledgeable community members to document traditional practices. Staff also host or organize workshops where interested Citizens can learn more about activities such as drum making; traditional singing and dancing; regalia making; sewing mukluks; beading; moosehide tanning; fish and meat harvesting and processing; making of traditional brush structures, etc.

More information about our traditional material culture and Champagne and Aishihik’s permanent art collection, and our community dance group the Dakwakada Dancers can be found on the Da Kų section of this site.

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