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Dän K’e (Our Way) – Cultural Practices

Our aduli (traditional teachings) emphasize sharing and taking care of each other, and the necessity of working hard. Our traditional teachings and values remind us that it is important to show respect to all living things, at all times.

One of the ways we show respect to each other is through our clan system, which places everyone within either the Käjèt (Crow) or Agunda (Wolf) clans. Clan membership is inherited through the mother’s line. The clan system provides an important sense of personal identity and plays an important role in community life.

We continue to hold nàkwät’à (potlatches) to recognize the passing of loved ones, or to honour a person or celebrate events or achievements. Our dän yizhì (traditional names) are still being passed on.

Department staff work with Elders to document important cultural knowledge, and to assist the passing on of such important information to younger generations, in the appropriate context. For more information, please contact the Heritage Resource Officer.

Funeral or Memorial/Headstone Potlatches

Hosting a potlatch and uncertain about what to do? A booklet on potlatch practices is available free to all Citizens, to support you in continuing this important tradition. Contact either the Heritage Resource Officer or Da Kų staff for a copy.

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