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Where Do I Belong? History and Genealogy

Language, Culture and Heritage - History and GeneologyFamily is central in our culture, as is recognition that each and every individual (dän – person, or people) has gifts and can contribute.

The Language, Culture and Heritage Department provides family tree information to CAFN Citizens for educational, cultural or personal reasons. This includes information on ancestors, descendants and relationships to other members. Contact either the Heritage Resource Officer for more information or for family tree assistance.

If you believe you might have the right to be legally recognized as a CAFN Citizen, with all the benefits that follow, please contact our registry office which maintains CAFN’s official membership (citizenship) records.

In kwädąy times (olden days), there were no firm boundary lines between Champagne and Aishihik dän and our neighbours. We had strong connections, through marriage and trade, with people living in adjoining areas, including Burwash Landing and Northway areas to the northwest, Carmacks and Fort Selkirk to the north, Whitehorse, Carcross and Tagish to the east, and Klukwan, Haines, Dry Bay and Yakutat to the south and southwest.

Our dän yizhì (traditional names) are still being passed on. The Language, Culture and Heritage Department maintains a database of traditional names. If you would like to check if your family’s names are in the database, or wish to add names to it, please contact the Heritage Resource Officer.

Department staff have an ongoing oral history program of documenting the life history of our Elders and the traditional stories and knowledge they are able to share. We also support Citizens in documenting their Elders’ and family history. For more information, please contact the Heritage Resource Officer.

The Language, Culture and Heritage Department also maintains a small library of books and related resource materials on Champagne and Aishihik history and culture, which may be consulted by CAFN Citizens. The library is housed in the staff offices at Da Kų. The department has also recently initiated an Archives program.

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