Kų K’ā Kwänäta Yü (Where They Look After Houses) Property Services Department 

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The Property Services Department (PSD) manages and provides services to CAFN rental and CMHC housing units, with limited service delivery for subsidy houses, on CAFN Settlement Land. The Department also maintains community infrastructure, community buildings, water delivery and road maintenance. In addition, PSD carries out new construction and renovation projects.

PSD strives to provide safe, comfortable, healthy and energy-efficient housing and promotes the development of sustainable community infrastructure to meet CAFN Citizens’ needs while encouraging self-reliance.

For emergency work requests, or after hour callouts, please contact our super-reliable Field Maintenance Foreman, Tom Millspaugh, at 634-5184 (call or text) or mailto:tcarlick@cafn.ca.**

To request or report a need for repair in a home or building, please send your work request directly to  workorders@cafn.ca.

The CAFN Property Services Department has three branches:

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