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Nätthè (Moving Forward) Youth Council

The Nätthè (Moving Forward) Youth Council is made up of all CAFN Youth ages 16-23. The role of the Youth Council is to provide advice, assistance and recommendations to the CAFN government. The Youth Council meets on a regular basis and also holds a Youth General Assembly most years.

Youth Council - header photo-aNätthè (Moving Forward) Youth Council Vision Statement

“We, the Nätthè Youth Council of CAFN, are the voice dedicated to empowering our youth. We shall promote a healthy, unified and self-reliant people, while conserving our environment and culture.”

Youth Council Executive

The Youth Council Executive (or Youth Executive) is a smaller group that meets more frequently to carry out the business of the Youth Council.

Youth Council 2The current Youth Executive members are:

  • Jessica Mazur (Chair), Klukshu/Shawshe/Haines
  • Anthony Primozic, Champagne/Hutchi
  • Shania Jackson, Haines Junction/Kloo Lake
  • Chase Smith-Tutin, Aishihik/Canyon
  • Britney Brown, Alternate
  • Tyrell Green, Alternate

Youth Council Rules for Procedure (DOC)

For more information on Youth programs and activities, check out the Community Wellness page.