Request for Proposals Human Resources Department Contract for Capacity Assessment

Request for Proposals
Human Resources Department
Contract for Capacity Assessment

The capacity assessment (action plan) will be utilized by the Champagne and Aishihik First Nations (CAFN) for future planning including strategic and annual planning and budgeting. The process will assess areas of strength and any areas that may require improvement in terms of our staff and skill level within our departments. This will assist in determining our program delivery threshold and align our internal capacity with our strategic priorities.

The results of the capacity assessment and recommendations will provide a baseline set of data that will inform decision making in the areas of recruitment, succession planning, and training and development as the organization moves through imminent reorganization and its transition toward a government more in alignment with DÄN K’E (our way). This information will also be used to assist in career progression and enable Directors and Management to better identify training/development opportunities for their staff.

The outcome of the assessment will be a framework for Directors and Managers to use while planning and budgeting departmental work plans, as well as for Chief and Council as they are planning their long-term strategic initiatives. The document will give leadership a snapshot of existing and potential capacity when considering launching new programs and initiatives.

Through this process departments will become familiar with their individual capacities as they relate to performance in meeting strategic priorities and departmental requirements. During the development process of developing 2019-2020 work plans, the recommendations of the assessment will be included as priorities in meeting CAFN’s capacity needs.

The work plan for the capacity assessment is attached Here: The assessment and final reporting must be completed by March 31, 2019.

Proposals submitted should include the contractor’s qualifications and experience relevant to this type of assessment and examples of similar work performed. The contractor must have their own liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage.

The proposal should include the price the contractor will charge for this assessment.

Proposals will be evaluated based on relevant qualifications and experience, the quality of the proposal submitted and a proposal that addresses all the requirements mentioned above, the contractor’s ability to complete work in accordance with the deadline and the proposed price. The proposals will not be solely evaluated based on the lowest price.

Submissions must be sent by email to

Deadline: 4:30 pm on January 18, 2019.