Youth Director – Dakwakada Capital Investments


Job Description
Position: Youth Director (Board of Directors)
Company Dakwakada Capital Investments (DCI)
Reports to: Chair of the Board
Length of Term: One year

The position of Youth Director is a capacity building role. It is an ex-officio role on the Board of Directors that provides an opportunity for a youth member of the Champagne & Aishihik First Nation to learn more about a Yukon First Nation owned business, gain experience observing and working as a board member and have a positive impact on their community.

Core Accountabilities:
Similar to all Board positions, the Youth Director is accountable for the following in their role as Board Member:
-Review all relevant materials and attend quarterly Board meetings and special meetings prepared to discuss the materials
-Seek clarification and additional information when unsure about specific items
-Actively participate in all meetings in an impartial manner, keeping the best interest of the organization as the priority
-Participate in any relevant learning or educational opportunities
-Participate in community meetings as both a member of the community and a member of the Board of Directors
-Other duties as required

In addition to the above, the Youth Director also has the opportunity to engage with the Chair outside of the core meetings to seek broader guidance and understanding regarding the processes being discussed, the content being reviewed or any other item of relevance that will enhance their learning experience and the performance of the organization.
During the course of their term, the Youth Director will have the opportunity to gain or enhance their skills in the areas of project management, corporate governance, decision making and due diligence. They will also have significant opportunity to improve their verbal and written communication skills and their overall business understanding.

Core Competencies:
In order for an individual to be successful in the role of Youth Director, they need to demonstrate the following:
-Communication – the ability to effectively listen to and communicate (verbal & written) with other members of the Board of Directors in diverse situations
-Confidentiality – the ability to be honest and trustworthy and to understand that the matters that they are involved with are confidential and not to be shared outside the boardroom
-Curiosity – a keen interest in learning more about the work of the organization, the process of a board and a desire to contribute to continuous improvement by suggesting ideas and asking questions
-Analytical Thinking – the ability to think through a situation or piece of information and generate questions about the pieces that don’t fit or don’t make sense. A willingness to identify alternatives based on personal knowledge and experience.
-Availability – passionate about this learning experience and committed to attending all meetings, being prepared and being an active participant in the meetings

Education / Experience:
In order for an individual to be successful in the role of Youth Director, they need to meet the following education and/or experience criteria:
-Work experience in a business environment or enrollment in post-secondary education
-Minimum education level of High School Graduate
-Demonstrated ability to commit to something and see it through
-Citizen of the Champagne & Aishihik First Nation, between the age of 17-25
-Digital Fluency (computer skills, internet skills etc.)
-Motivated to learn and grow

The position of Youth Director is appointed by the Champagne & Aishihik Trust. The position of Youth Director receives nominal remuneration based on level of participation.
If you are interested in this opportunity please send your resume and cover letter to Virginia Cobbett, Trust Administrator at