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Kwätsi Dän: We Work – Our COVID-19 Recovery Plan

Message from the Chief:

Champagne and Aishihik First Nations (CAFN) is glad to share our Kwätsi Dän COVID-19 recovery plan. This plan takes a gradual approach as COVID-19 restrictions lessen and we return to more “normal” CAFN activities, and will remain in effect until a COVID-19 vaccine is in place. Kwätsi Dän is an essential tool for CAFN to ensure we are prepared.

DÚCH’Į SHĮ – We are always going to be prepared to do what we must do to ensure the safety of our people. We must remain vigilant, safe and smart.

A key element is that CAFN is prepared to adapt and respond quickly. We continue to closely monitor, so if we see more COVID-19 cases and increased risk of spread to our communities, we will be ready to respond.  CAFN declared a State of Emergency earlier in the pandemic and can do so again if required.

Yukon’s Six Steps to Stay Safe and stop the spread of COVID-19 are critical to the success of this plan: physical distancing; regular hand washing; staying home when sick; not gathering in large groups; limiting travel to communities; and self-isolating when required.

Our plan includes a gradual return to work so staff can do their jobs more effectively. This balanced approach allows CAFN to increase workplace productivity while minimizing health and safety risks.

As more staff return to the workplace, we are increasing our health and safety practices through safety audits, training and mentoring staff, and putting in place new protocols for a wide range of services and activities.

While CAFN remains open for business, most of our buildings and offices continue to be closed to the public.  The best way to contact staff continues to be by phone or email.  As limitations on gatherings lessen and the risk of COVID spread continues to go down, we will keep working on ways to safely resume services and reopen little by little.

To keep Citizens up-to-date, we are developing a list of services currently available, not available, and how to access them.  We will continue to update and share this service list with Citizens as needed.

The steps in our Kwätsi Dän plan build on the phases in the Yukon and Canada’s recovery plans, but we will also take our own unique approaches when needed to ensure that we act based on CAFN’s specific needs.

All CAFN dän must still be on guard, because we want all our people – Citizens and staff – to come out of this pandemic safely.


Kaaxnox, Dän Nätthe Äda (Chief Steve Smith)

Please click here for the 1-page Kwätsi Dän plan summary

Please click here for the full Kwätsi Dän plan

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  1. Dayle MacDonald

    Thank you for the update and the Kwatsi Dan Plan. CAFN Council and staff’s diligence in keeping our citizens safe while providing necessary services is much appreciated. Special thanks to Jacquie Chambers for the special efforts she and staff have made to support elders.


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