Dakwäkwäda Subdivision Expansion

11 new lots in Dakwäkwäda are available for CAFN Citizens to apply!

CAFN’s project to expand our subdivision in Dakwäkwäda is nearly complete!

Citizens who wish to build their own homes within the next 5 years can apply now for one of the ­11 new residential lots.

­The lots measure at least ¼ acre each and are fully serviced with municipal water and sewer connections.

­Each lot cost about $220,000 to develop, but will be available at no cost to the successful Citizen applicants.

­A draw for the lots will be held after the application period closes to determine the successful applicants.

­The application and draw process are all being carried out in keeping with the CAFN Lands Act.

Draw date: Approximately 2 weeks from close of application period.

Date and time to be announced.

­Note: At this time, regular bank financing is not available to build on CAFN Settlement Land.

Deadline to apply:  August 31, 2022

Building new residential lots in Dakwä̀kwä̀da helps achieve our vision of creating opportunities for our Citizens to come home

Terry Rufiange-Holway

Acting Co-Director, Property Manager

867-634-4200 ext 225