Mush Lake Road Closure

Mush Lake Road Closure

Kluané National Park & Reserve is an important part of the CAFN Traditional Territory and citizens have hunting, fishing, and harvesting rights. There are several roads and trails that access the Park and CAFN citizens have the right to use ATVs, snowmobiles, and other vehicles to harvest year-round. Some of these roads and trails are gated to prevent the public from driving into certain areas, but you can still use them if you are hunting, fishing, or harvesting. CAFN Lands and Resources department have keys and will sign them out for you, if you are planning on harvesting in the Park. Please make sure to lock the gate when leaving and return the keys to a Lands and Resources staff member. 

If you require access to a gated area, please contact:
Michelle MacElheren at (867) 634 4200 or e-mail mmacelheren@cafn.ca.

If you successfully harvest an animal, please let a CAFN Lands and Resources staff know.

To view more information on “Harvesting – First Nations Rights and Responsibilities“, please see this link; https://www.pc.gc.ca/en/pn-np/yt/kluane/activ/tradition/i