Governance – Dän Nätthe Dätthʼi (They are sitting before the people)

The Governance Department provides support and services to the CAFN Government, departments and Citizens.

The Governance Department is responsible for:

  • maintaining citizenship and law registry;
  • implementation of the self-government agreement; and
  • negotiation and inter-governmental relations.

Enrolment Registry

Champagne and Aishihik people can contact CAFN to enroll as Citizens. Citizen identification cards are available. Details on who can be Citizens of CAFN are outlined in CAFN’s Constitution.

Law Registry

Certified true copies of all laws applying to CAFN settlement lands are maintained in the CAFN law registry. Copies are available to all Citizens. Digital copies of CAFN laws are also available, you can see it in the list here.

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Economic & Business Development

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Heritage, Lands & Resources

Champagne & Aishihik First Nation Historical Photo