New Robocall System

New Robocall System

CAFN is setting up an automated phone and text message system as a new tool to get information to Citizens quickly.  To sign up to receive robocall messages, please click here! After you begin to receive messages, you can also “unsubscribe” at any time.  We continue to test the system as we move forward with regular use in 2021. 

Robocall Sign-Up Contest!

CAFN invites all our Citizens in the Yukon to sign up to receive important CAFN updates through our new voice and text Robocall system.

To enter, please sign up at the link above to receive Robocall messages at your cell or home phone number.  This will automatically enter you in the contest. 

Sign up by Monday, May 10, 2021 to enter!  CAFN will draw for prizes from all new Citizen subscribers who have signed up since we launched Robocall. 

Prizes will be awarded to three winners and include:

1.      Building materials at a local hardware supplier – value up to $1,000.

 2.      Windows and doors at Northerm – value up to $500.

 3.  Custom beadwork by a CAFN artist – gift certificate for the store at Da Ku Cultural Centre – value $200

This is an initiative by CAFN Youth Councillor Jessica Mazur.

 Who can enter?  All CAFN Citizens who live in the Yukon, age 18 and older.

Winners will be contacted at the phone number provided when they sign up here.

 Kwänischiss!  Thank you and good luck!