Notice for CAFN Assistant Trappers

Call for Applicants – Open Competition to all interested
CAFN Assistant Trappers

CAFN Fish and Wildlife is now accepting assistant trapper’s Letters of Interest for CAFN’s Group Traplines up until 4:30 p.m. on October 6, 2017 for the 2017/2018 Trapping Season. The successful applicant will be contacted.

Due to the high popularity and considerable interest each trapping season to acquire an assistance on CAFN’s limited number of group lines, CAFN Fish and Wildlife have implemented a Group Trapline Allocation Policy for its group trapping areas. This is to ensure CAFN’s allocation process for selecting an assistant for our group lines is fair and consistent in granting permission to access a group line seasonally each trapping season. These traplines are only available for qualified trappers to apply for an assistance licence, this permission will remain consistent as previous years and will not exceed one trapping season period.

The successful applicant will be contacted after selection process.

You can submit your letter of interest to CAFN Fish and Wildlife at either of our offices in Haines Junction or Whitehorse, or if you need further information, please call Micheal Jim – Parks, Trapping and Harvest Manager at (867) 456-6885, e-mail or drop by the Whitehorse office for a visit.

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