NOTICE: Land Applications

NOTICE: Land Applications



The following land applications will be reviewed by the CAFN Lands Committee on March 28th, 2022.

Denise Hume            Pine Lake                              on  R-25B       Residential

Lindsay Chambers    Champagne                        on R-67A       Cabin Transfer

Joyce Hume               Pine Lake                            on R-25B        Cabin

Kyra Chambers          Champagne                         on R-63FS     Cabin

Trish Hume                  Champagne                         on R-67A      Cabin

Jim/Linaya Workman   Haines Junction                  on C-1B        Agricultural

Collin Long                   Pine Lake                            on R-25B      Building Extension

Jon Widney                  Kusawa Lake                      on S-70B1     Cabin

Les Walker                   Takhini                                R-10B            Commercial

Donald Nielson            Stoney Creek                     S-415B1         Rescind Cabin

Patricia Old                   Pine Lake                          R-25B             Rescind Cabin App

Patricia Old                   Pine Lake                         R-25B                 Residential

Shadunjen Vankampen       Takhini                       R-39B                 Cabin

Ukjese Vankampen              Takhini                      R-39B                 Cabin

Lands Committee meetings are held in-camera.

Applicants and other interested persons may, with prior notice, appear before the Committee to speak on an application, or may submit written comments before the meeting.

For information on applications or to provide comments, contact  Bryan Levia at (867) 634-4231 in the Haines Junction Office.