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The following land applications will be reviewed by the CAFN Lands Committee on November 28, 2018.

Wilmonica VanBibber    Champagne      0.5ha  on R-67A   Cabin/Recreational

Kayla Anderson              Takhini            0.5ha on R-39B    Cabin/Recreational

Kaylea Wabisca           Sekulmun Lake  0.5ha  on R-02A   Traditional Use

 Lands Committee meetings are held in-camera.

Applicants and other interested persons may, with prior notice, appear before the Committee to speak on an application, or may submit written comments before the meeting.

For information on applications or to provide comments, contact Jonathan Leger (867) 634-4200 Ext:255 or Analie Lafreniere-Lemieux (867) 634-4200 Ext:254 in the CAFN Haines Junction Office.

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  1. Lena Smith-Tutin

    I am appossing the land application for selkuman lake area. I believe this area is a non structural area. I believe that this area is negotiate under self governance to keep in pristine and natural state. The Asheyi citizens that resides in Asheyi cannot even build a permanent tent frame or structure at selkuman lake. Lands department should not have allowed anyone to apply to this area.


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