• KwänlinWhitehorse
  • Takhini River
  • Dä̀kwä̀kä̀daHaines Junction
  • ShadęlChampagne
  • Tthe yänlinCanyon
  • Lu ghäKlukshu

The CAFN Lands Committee made the following Recommendations at its July 24, 2020 meeting:

Patricia Hume           
Champagne  0.5ha on R-67A – Cabin
Approve – with conditions

Cody Joe                    
Lower Kathleen Lake 0.5ha on S-38B1 Cabin
Approve – with conditions

Jesse Joe Hudson    
Takhini 0.5ha on R-39B Cabin
Approve – with conditions

Jamie Joe Hudson     
Takhini  0.5ha on R-39B Cabin
Approve – with conditions


There will be a 30 day appeal period after which these recommendations will be brought to the next available Chief and Council for final approval.

An appeal of a Lands Committee recommendation may be made by a CAFN citizen in writing by August 31, 2020.  Contact Melina Hougen (867) 634-4200 ext: 255 or mhougen@cafn.ca.