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Notice to CAFN Citizens-Shadhäla and Takhini Subdivision

CAFN HLR Department, in conjunction with personnel from the Fire Marshall’s Office (FMO) will conducting community inspections of Shadhäla and Takhini Subdivisions to inform our development of Community Emergency Response Plans.

We will be touring all CAFN communal buildings and conducting a drive-through tour through each neighborhood on

November 9, 2021 (Champagne; 9:00am-12:30pm; Tahkini 1:30pm-4:30pm).

For more information, please contact either Ray Gunness or Bryan Levia below.

Ray Gunness
Manager, Environmental Assessment & Natural Resources
Heritage, Lands, and Resources Department
Phone: (867) 335-4179; Email:                                                                                                         

Brian Levia
Manager, Lands & Planning                                                                                        
Heritage, Lands, and Resources Department
Phone: (867) 323-2269; Email:

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