Notice to CAFN Citizens

Notice to CAFN Citizens

CAFN Annual General Assembly – NŁÄSHĒJEL

July 21-24, 2022 at Takhini River

This year, 2022, is the Constitutional review year and CAFN’s Constitutional Registrar (Nichole Williams) has received two (2) proposed Constitutional Amendments. A Constitutional Committee has been established; Carol Buzzell, Lawrence Joe, Jesse Hudson, and Elizabeth Smith are appointed to the Committee and will work with the Constitutional Registrar to oversee all procedures associated with the amendment process. This Notice of the Annual General Assembly includes the statements of purpose for the two (2) proposed amendments received by the deadline so that Citizens can consider them before the Annual General Assembly.

  1. Proposal to amend the maximum age of eligibility for Youth Councillor from 23 to 25

Proposed amendment to s. 54: “Only Citizens who have reached the age of 16 and not passed 25 before the day of the election shall be eligible to serve as Youth Councillor.”

Explanation: Stats Canada notes that the age range of youth in Canada is 16-29. As a previous Youth Councillor, it is my opinion that 16 is too young to serve on Council and 23 is also too young to be denied nomination as Youth Councillor. There are many mid-20 year olds in the communities who are great role models and would be perfect for this position but are simply aged out by not being able to run under the Youth Councillor title or not having enough experience through life or education to run as a 24-year-old Councillor. If we raise the age to 25 before elected, they would still be a Youth under Canada’s definition upon their end of term. Submitted by Bradley Joe-Malegana

  1. Proposal to amend the composition of Council to have two Elder Councillors to include representation of Wolf and Crow clans – two options

Proposed amendment to s. 40.

Explanation: As the CAFN Government strives to move forward in Our Way – Dän K’e which is our way of knowing, doing and being – it will begin to create a path forward in restoring our Ancestors’ vision for the future. We are proposing an amendment to include two options:

Option A

  1. One Chief,
  2. Four Councillors at large
  3. Two Elder Councillors; one Wolf and one Crow
  4. One Youth Councillor

Option B

  1. One Chief
  2. Three Councillors at large
  3. Two Elder Councillors; one Wolf and one Crow
  4. One Youth Councillor

The CAFN website defines the Clan system as being central to who we are as a people, and clan provides an important sense of identity.

Note – there are budgetary implications for Option A to add an additional Councillor.

Submitted by Colleen Joe-Titus and Sheila Joe