NOTICE TO RESIDENTS – Dog Safety in CAFN Communities

NOTICE TO RESIDENTS – Dog Safety in CAFN Communities

January 2023


Dog Safety in CAFN Communities

Dear Citizens and residents:

Champagne and Aishihik First Nations (CAFN) will not tolerate aggressive or vicious pets in CAFN communities and subdivisions.
Last weekend, a child was seriously injured in an attack by a dog in Takhini River Subdivision.  CAFN has engaged with the RCMP and the pet owner, and the dog is no longer in the community.
Tenant and resident pet owners must be responsible for your dogs, cats and other animals.

Pet owner and tenant responsibilities in CAFN’s Rental Housing Procedures include:

  • A pet does not damage the rental housing unit or property and does not create a nuisance or disturbance to neighbouring occupants or community members.
  • A pet is kept inside a tenant’s unit, or contained within the boundaries of the property, a pet going in and out of the rental unit must be on a leash and always under a tenant’s control or they will be considered to be at large.
  • A tenant with a dog will immediately pick up and dispose of, in a sanitary manner, all dog waste deposited on the rental property and on common ground or streets in the community.
  • A tenant is responsible for all costs due to damages or injuries caused by a pet.
  • A tenant will not leave a pet unattended in the rental housing unit for a period longer than which is appropriate for the needs of the individual animal.
  • Aggressive or vicious pets will not be tolerated.

Pet owners breaching these requirements may be fined, or the rental terminated following repeat offenses.  They also may be at risk of a civil lawsuit and fines through the courts.
Other legal requirements and fines also apply to pet owners under the Yukon Landlord Tenant Act and the Village of Haines Junction bylaws.
CAFN is working with the Village of Haines Junction to re-establish an animal control program for our communities in the CAFN Traditional Territory.
We ask all residents and visitors to be responsible with your pets, follow the law and rental requirements, and keep your pet under control to ensure the safety of your friends and neighbors.

To learn more, please contact CAFN Property Services at 867 634-4200 or see:
Champagne and Aishihik First Nations Rental Housing Handbook and Program Procedures: https://cafn.ca/government-services/property-services/

Village of Haines Junction animal control bylaw:

Shäw nithän.

We thank you for your respect and care for each other and for following these requirements.