Proposed Quill Creek Timber Harvest Plan

Proposed Quill Creek Timber Harvest Plan

Do you have comments or concerns with the proposed Quill Creek Timber Harvest Plan?

CAFN Heritage, Lands and Resources Department is currently conducting a review of the Draft Screening Report by YESAB. They have determined that the project can proceed subject to the establishment of appropriate mitigations. Some notable highlights are:

  • Development of an Access Management Plan (proposed access, notification to community members & stakeholders, access control, development thresholds, road decommissioning and rehabilitation, wildlife monitoring);
  • Mitigations to address concerns around wildfire potential, proximity to Haines Junction, and fuel abatement measures;
  • Timber harvest between Nov 16 to March 31 to reduce impacts to the land, avoid conflict with FN rights and land users in the area;
  • Limit impacts to wildlife and creation of buffered “no work zones” around culturally sensitive areas identified by CAFN; and
  • Monitoring of reclamation and decommissioning efforts in the cut blocks.

For interested CAFN Citizens who wish to receive further information or to provide comments directly, please contact:

Kenny Joe (kjoe@cafn.ca) or
Ray Gunness (rgunness@cafn.ca)

The deadline to submit comments is July 8th, 2021.