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Do you have comments or concerns with the proposed Quill Creek Timber Harvest Plan?

CAFN Heritage, Lands and Resources Department is currently conducting a review of the Draft Screening Report by YESAB. They have determined that the project can proceed subject to the establishment of appropriate mitigations. Some notable highlights are:

  • Development of an Access Management Plan (proposed access, notification to community members & stakeholders, access control, development thresholds, road decommissioning and rehabilitation, wildlife monitoring);
  • Mitigations to address concerns around wildfire potential, proximity to Haines Junction, and fuel abatement measures;
  • Timber harvest between Nov 16 to March 31 to reduce impacts to the land, avoid conflict with FN rights and land users in the area;
  • Limit impacts to wildlife and creation of buffered “no work zones” around culturally sensitive areas identified by CAFN; and
  • Monitoring of reclamation and decommissioning efforts in the cut blocks.

For interested CAFN Citizens who wish to receive further information or to provide comments directly, please contact:

Kenny Joe (kjoe@cafn.ca) or
Ray Gunness (rgunness@cafn.ca)

The deadline to submit comments is July 8th, 2021.