Sambay (sockeye) Fisheries Update

Sambay (sockeye) Fisheries Update

Alsek and Klukshu River system
Heritage, Lands & Resources (CAFN)

The latest sambay (sockeye) salmon counts have exceeded the pre-season forecast and the run is only approximately 50% complete! As of August 29th, approximately 15,708 sambay (sockeye) were counted on the Klukshu River, and 468 in Village Creek. This means a greater opportunity for CAFN Citizens and families to harvest sambay and pass on traditional knowledge and harvesting methods this fall. Please remember that the Village Creek fishery has been voluntarily closed to Citizen harvest to allow for this stock to recover.

With the numbers exceeding the forecast and a potential 25,000 + sockeye fish expected to return to spawning grounds by the end of the run, we anticipate opportunities for recreational fishing to be open in the coming days.
Keep up with the drumming, praying and singing because the salmon are hearing the calls and trying to come back in bigger numbers in this portion of the Traditional Territory!

Łu natsʼįntʼą̈̀r. Łu sòothǟn kʼänáta. Gunałchish. Shäw Nithän.
Respect the fish, take good care of the fish. Thank you.