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Tips to manage your ATCO electricity bill

Tips to manage your ATCO electricity bill

Did you know………

You can manage your electricity bill by equalizing your payments throughout the year? (Equal monthly Payments)

Sign up with ATCO Electric in early spring, between April and May to:

  • Divide your annual power costs into equal monthly payments
  • Know in advance what your monthly power bill will be
  • Help equalize your electric heat bills among high and low months throughout the year
  • How it works
    • ATCO will calculate your monthly payment by dividing your total annual electricity costs by 12 months.
    • ATCO will bill you for this amount in each of the next 11 months starting in May.
    • In the 12th month (April) they will compare your actual power use with your budgeted amounts billed. Your bill this month is the difference between what you have paid and your actual consumption. If your actual power use was less than your equalized payments, you’ll see a credit on your statement. If your actual power use was more than your equalized payments, you’ll see an amount owing.
    • They may revise your monthly payment amount during the year to make sure it closely reflects your actual usage. This will ensure the credit or amount owing in the 12th month is close to your budget amount.

Contact ATCO Electric if you have any questions or to sign up at 867-633-7000 or 1-800-661-0513 or go to : https://www.atcoelectricyukon.com/en-ca/customer-billing-rates/budget-payment-plan.html

If your energy supplier is Yukon Energy: (867) 993-5565 or 1-877-712-3375 or go to https://yukonenergy.ca/