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Kwäya jèl. Welcome.

The Champagne and Aishihik people invite you to learn more about our kéyi (land) and Dän (people). Visitors are welcome. The best place to learn about our people and communities is our Da Kų Cultural Centre  located in Dakwäkäda (Haines Junction, Yukon). Da Kų means Our House in the Southern Tutchone language. The centre offers visitor information and programs throughout the summer.

Learn More

Learn more about CAFN on this website:

  • The Dän K’e (Our Ways) and History sections include information on our language and culture, our clan system, our self-government and more.
  • Read about the Dakwäkäda Dancers, ambassadors of our culture, community and the Yukon.
  • Map of CAFN Traditional Territory with community info.
  • To learn about what’s happening in our busy communities, visit our Events calendar.
  • For more information on filming in the CAFN Traditional Territory, please see our Film Application.

To learn more about Haines Junction and other community information, check out the following links: