CAFN-Citizen owned construction contractors

To work with the CAFN Property Services in Delivery Construction Services to the benefit of all CAFN Citizens.

WORK AVAILABLE MAY INCLUDE, but not be limited to:

  • New Residential and Commercial Construction Projects
  • Supply and Installation of Linear Infrastructure
    o Water and Sewer Services;
    o Removal, repair and installation of culverts; and
    o Construction of driveways and access roads.
  • Exterior Renovation Work:
    o Demolition;
    o Siding removal and installation;
    o Installation of outboard insulation;
    o Installation of air barrier and building envelope components;
    o Installation of windows and doors
    o Removal and installation of fascia, soffit and eaves troughing;
    o Site grading; and
    o Landscaping.
  • Interior Renovation Work:
    o Demolition work;
    o New millwork and cabinetry installation;
    o Flooring;
    o Drywall and Painting;
    o Bathroom renovations;
  • Building Relocation Services:
    o Construction of building foundations – cribbing, PWFs, etc;
    o Transportation of houses to new locations; and
    o Connection of services to newly relocated houses

Submit a short summary of your business experience, your GST registration number, a recent letter of good standing from WCB, and a certificate of insurance indicating an active policy for not less than $2M in liability to:

CAFN Property Services
1 Allen Place
Call (867) 634-5395 for more information

PDF: EOI CAFN Citizen Owned Construction Contractors